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Software Instrumentation

adXplorer adXplorer
Efficient and flexible data acquisition software for our adXi data acquisition box.
Time-resolved measurements of voltages between -10 and 10 V, current 4-20 mA and compatible with LabJack U6 (up to 24-bit resolution) and U12 (up to 12-bit resolution) integrated in a file explorer.

dataHub dataHub
Integrated solution for backing-up data, mirroring data and moving data for data processing.
dataHub saves time, costs and reduces the risk of data loss by manual copying and moving data in your data processing work-flow. This tool improves the productivity and quality of your data management.


Multiplexing Instrumentation mpXi

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions
Are you looking for a customized solution? We design and build customized laboratory setups and instruments supporting synthesis and purification of chemicals, integrated and seamless process analysis, control and automation.
Please contact us for further information:

adXplorer mpXplorer
The central program for data management and processing. Explore high-throughput data processing to improve productivity of your enterprise.

scienceXbase scienceXbase
How do you manage your pdf-documents? 
Store your pdf files and bibliographic information in an advanced database. Stay up to date with scientific advances and improve productivity by sharing documents in your enterprise.

Data Aquisition adXi